About Us

ICE is the result of a big vision for the industry and is the fruition of a partnership that harnesses years of combined experience in the multi-territory online music market. We are key advocates of this market and we focus on helping it grow. We do this by bringing simplicity to licensees and speed, accuracy, efficiency and professionalism to all of our customers.

Working with us is simple and rewarding. We are building strong relationships with our customers. If you join us we will endeavour to become your trusted business partner, delivering great service, transparency and insight into your business so you are fully supported to achieve your strategic objectives.

We launched our full service in 2016 with the backing of our parent organisations PRS for Music, STIM and GEMA.

ICE Senior Management Team

Robert Ashcroft

Chief Executive – ICE Services

Markus Nees

Chief Executive – ICE Operations (Berlin)

Ben McEwen

Commercial Director – ICE Services

Neil Jones

Services Director – ICE Services

Steven Beer

Director of Online Operations – ICE Services