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The team at ICE Licensing provides a multi-territory one-stop licensing solution for digital service providers (DSPs) covering the online rights owned or controlled by PRS for Music, GEMA, STIM.

We streamline the multi-territory licensing process enabling the exploitation of a growing pool of ICE repertoire under a single licence. We expect our repertoire to continue to grow as other collecting societies and publisher customers choose to join the ICE Licence.

Our licensing team brings a wealth of experience from licensing and business development.  We are experts at concluding large online licensing deals with major music service providers, licensing new and constantly evolving business models, and working with numerous new DSPs delivering value to rightsholders.

If you are a DSP whose products or services will be available in one or more European markets (and beyond) and you would like to discuss an ICE licence please get in touch.

We deal fairly with prospective, new and existing licensees in accordance with the terms of our licences, our licensing policy and by clearly explaining music licensing requirements and the information we need you to provide.

We are committed to providing you accessible information on the rights covered by our licences and the territories they are available in. When we receive all your relevant information we will, without undue delay, offer you a licence or give reasons explaining why we cannot offer you a licence.

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