Service Options

At ICE we offer rights holder customers a flexible suite of options to suit individual business needs, all of which are powered by the world’s most comprehensive copyright database. Our integrated system enables us to bring you unparalleled scale, efficiency and accuracy.

Licensing Services

We maximise the value of your rights by providing a one-stop licensing solution to multi-territory digital service providers (DSPs).

Our licensing team brings a wealth of experience from licencing and business development. We are experts at concluding large online licensing deals with major music service providers, licensing new and constantly evolving business models, and work with numerous new DSPs delivering value to rights-holders.

Business Services

We offer a wide range of services that provide business enhancing middle-office support, including invoice production, market analysis, legal administration and business intelligence.

Online Copyright & Processing Services

ICE provides a state of the art online matching and processing service. Together with our comprehensive, multi-territorial copyright service, this enables us to deliver a wide range of benefits to our customers, including improved flexibility, transparency, invoice accuracy, on-time royalty payment and a significant reduction in invoice disputes,

For a detailed description of our full suite of services and how these can be tailored to your individual needs, please get in touch.

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