Our Vision

Our vision is simple. We exist to serve customers in the online multi-territory music licensing market so that digital service providers and music rights owners are supported in growing their businesses. We do that by offering a flexible suite of services designed to speed up licensing and also the processes that ensure rights holders receive accurate and swift royalty payments.

We can do this because we offer digital services access to the largest aggregation of repertoire in Europe via one licence and we produce the most accurate invoices.  Our processing and matching systems are best-of-breed and run from the world’s most advanced copyright database.

Speed, accuracy and efficiency run through the core of our service.

We are confident that our model will set the industry standard for music licensing operations in the years ahead.

What Makes ICE Unique

Our aggregated music is the largest in Europe.  We offer and a flexible suite of multi-territory licensing, business intelligence reporting, processing and matching services which run from the most comprehensive copyright database. This makes us unique.

ICE is the fruition of a partnership that harnesses years of combined experience in collective management, servicing and shaping the digital market from the outset.

Streamlining Multi-Territory Licensing

We set out to streamline multi-territory online music licensing, so that it is easier for digital service providers to get the licences they need and easier for the rightsholders we represent to have access to digital service providers, delivered with maximum efficiency.